In my heart

I know I have so much love to offer.

I know my worth, and I am finally ready.

Ready to love.

But in this generation we live in now,

It is hard to find love that is worth all risks.

But the thing is, we’re not supposed to look for it.

If we do, then we’ll never find it.

I believe there’s always time for everything.

There’s always someone out there for us.

So don’t be in a rush.

Don’t force it.

Because once it’s given to you,

It’ll be the best feeling in the world.

– R.A.



Hi readers,

I just want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have been reading my short poems or you can also call it short random writing notes? These poems are actually based on current events happening in my life and after rereading my previous posts, I actually really love how my life has changed for the past few months. These poems are first drafts (if that wasn’t already obvious), and it’s going to stay that way as of now due to my busy schedule. But I hope you enjoy reading them and I can’t wait to write more.

Thank you again,



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