22 things I learned in 2022

From Hannah Pangilinan’s podcast (more about romantic relationships)

1. A momentarily sacrifice is for a future gain

2. You have your whole life to be someone’s wife, so why rush?

3. You need to know what you like so the guy knows what to give

4. You need to know what you don’t like, so you know what to say no to

5. Saying no, for now, is saying yes to forever

From The Courage to be Disliked Book Review by Ali Abdaal

6. Freedom is having the courage to be disliked

7. When you choose to react negatively, it is not others’ fault. You can’t blame anyone but yourself

8. If you’re able to please everyone, you’re doing something wrong

9. Have low expectations if your goal is to be happy

10. What doesn’t grow eventually dies

From a mental health workshop, I attended

11. Don’t label yourself because you’ll be that and do that for the rest of your life

12. To accept is to be vulnerable

13. It’s you who chooses whether you’ve had enough, not other people

14. You can’t change something you’ve always believed your whole life right away

15. Accepting doesn’t mean approving

From the Catholic Masses, I’ve attended

16. Work on yourself so that you can make yourself useful to help others

17. It’s not about what we do during tough times, it’s how much we trust God during those times

18. You need the wisdom to know what to decide

19. When there is no clarity, it doesn’t mean God has abandoned you

20. We are trapped in the noise of the world that we don’t hear him (God)

From Oprah

21. There is no such thing as failure. Failure is just life trying to move us in another direction

From all the books and podcasts I’ve consumed throughout the year


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