A slump

Hi everyone. It’s been a while.

Honestly, I feel like every new year, I just happen to always lose motivation which is weird because new year should be an exciting time considering, we get to start fresh.

But, I started my “new year reset” back in October, so now I’m just in a kind of slump. I had a difficult December (mentally) which made me avoid any type of work during my two-week holiday vacation. I just avoided creating lesson plans, correcting exams or thinking about work or school in general. Instead, I went snowboarding, bowling, window shopping, walking, working out, going to the movies…I was having so much fun that going back to work was hard. So, I don’t know if that’s a good thing. When you work all the time, at some point, you just get used to it and you’re fine, but once you take a break, then it’s hard to start your normal routine again.

Even three weeks in, I’m still unmotivated to do anything.

I’m just watching Avatar almost everyday (at least a few scenes or sometimes the whole movie) and once a week or once every two weeks, I watch Avatar the Way of Water at the theatres because our world is so freaking depressing I just want to escape to Pandora. Seriously.

A few weeks ago, I’ve also read several fiction books because I needed an ESCAPE! And because I couldn’t travel at that time, the only way I could travel was through fiction. Unfortunately, living in fictional worlds in your head for so long kind of ruins the way you are in reality. It makes you sad and frustrated to be in the real world because these fictional worlds are SO MUCH better!

With that said, I think fiction is amazing, but we can’t be too consumed by it because it affects the way we are in reality. It’s good to live in a fantasy for a bit just to get our minds off of problems we may have, but we shouldn’t stay in there because it can literally ruin our day-to-day life.

This makes me think of what Catriona Gray said in her answer to a Miss Universe question: “Everything is good, but in moderation”

So, yeah. That’s basically what’s up.


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