Mindset: How it affects your relationships

Today’s blog post is influenced by what I have been thinking about and working on a lot this month. I thought I had a good mindset, but this month, I realized that there is still so much to learn and I am currently at a stage where I actually feel really good about the mindset I have right now. Of course, I know it will be modified in the future depending on the circumstances, but I can honestly say that my way of thinking right now is better than a few months ago.

While I know that there is always a lot to learn about life as we grow older every day, I haven’t really thought much about mindset because I thought just being open-minded is already good.

It leads me to the question: What is the difference between mindset and open-mindedness?

For me, open-mindedness is just being open to learning new things and being open to change. Mindset is your core beliefs and knowing what you accept or do not accept in your life. For example, you can be open to learning new skills and listening to people, but you keep allowing toxic people into your life. Well, you can’t really say you have a good mindset. The good thing about being open-minded though is that you will most likely be aware of what you need to work on and work hard towards becoming better, improving the way you handle things and the way you think.

Having a good mindset is hard to maintain in the early stages of your transformation. You can’t just easily forget about how you used to think and wake up the next day with a new and improved mindset. It’s really important that you remind yourself every day of what you want and what you don’t want in your life. What I do is write them down, that way when it’s hard for me to remember, I can just read what I wrote in my journal.

Since I began to take this seriously, I became careful about who or what I give my energy. Because of this, I lost a friend or… actually a friend lost me. I say that they lost me because I know I have so much to give, but because that person kept emptying my fuel, I couldn’t handle having them empty me every single time and I come home trying to recover. If you get what I mean… Fortunately, I love and respect myself enough to not let people do that to me anymore.

Going back to the question of this post, when you change your mindset, you will lose people in your life and that is NORMAL. Do not chase after them; let them go. It hurts and it’s hard, but you’ll live better when you surround yourself with people who have similar values as you. For the people that leave your life, they’re different and you just aren’t compatible anymore and that’s fine. Wish them well and focus on your life. Focus on what you actually learned from the experience. Change in your life actually means you’re growing. Also, we’ll always have problems, but just know that every problem that we face is an opportunity for us to grow.


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